2019 Social Media: 3 Trends to Follow for Success


As the new year has started, it seems a good time to review some of the social media trends that are going to be seen in 2019. Digital media is constantly changing, and your company will want to stay on top of things to be successful.This article aims to explore some of the trends that are likely to be seen.


1. Real and Personal Stories are Crucial to Engagement


It's quite clear that making social media more personal is something that has been seen for some time now. This is a reason that at times it can be easier to engage on a personal Twitter profile than through a brand one. If you run a brand social media profile then it's essential that you show your followers who you are and what you stand for.


Stories are one of the ways you can do this, and social media platforms are show casing and promoting the use of stories. When you showcase your customers, team or business - then you start to become more real and trustworthy to your followers. Therefore, the key trend here is to get more personal rather than hiding behind a company brand name.


2. Social Media Advertising is Becoming More Important


Brands have known for a number of years the importance of having a strong presence on social media. When businesses first started using digital marketing in this way, one of the significant benefits is you can reach customers without spending much money in contrast to what you have to do in traditional advertising.


Social media has undoubtedly continued to grow, and it is now seen as one of the best ways of reaching consumers. As more brands have made it their focus, platforms have started to take advantage of that through social media advertising. In2019, it's recognized that this form of advertising needs to form part of your marketing strategy. It is also crucial that marketers produce the best content to support that advertising.


3. Video Content Will Continue to Rise


It's no great news to suggest that video content is used on social media. However, it is a trend that is staying with us and will continue to grow. Going back to the first point in this article, the modern consumer wants access to your brand. Video content can be one of the best ways to showcase this.


For example, Facebook Live is a popular tool that is used for this purpose. Brands will often schedule Facebook Live sessions once or twice a week and use them to answer questions from the public, this enables them to showcase their expertise. Even other social media sites like Twitter have a lot of short video content now.


As 2019 has now started which means it's important to review what some of the trends in the year are likely to be. This article has suggested that following these trends is a good idea if your brand is looking to be successful in digital marketing. The key points are, personal stories are key to engagement, social media advertising is becoming more important and the popularity of video content will continue to rise.