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Search Engine Marketing

unlike search engine optimization, Search engine marketing or Pay per click (PPC) is a paid technique focused on driving traffic through paid ads on Google, bing and yahoo. it's the fastest way to get your business and your services in front of potential customers. When it's done correctly, your ads will appear higher than others and generate solid, top quality leads that drive results. Titan can manage, optimize and build an effective campaign that focuses on your individual business needs, customer base and competition.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC or "Pay Per Click" is an online advertising technique in which companies can display ads for their goods and services when potential customers search for things online by entering relevant keywords in search engines. Advertisers are only charged when a user clicks on their ad, hence the name "Pay Per Click". It's usually used in combination with an "organic" SEO campaign and can bridge the gap while you rise to the top of the SERPs.

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What is an effective PPC Campaign?

At Titan an effective PPC campaign consists of a 5 step process. Planning, Research, Development, Optimization and Tracking. In the Planning phase we set the goals of the campaign, choose the optimal platform to advertise on and decide who is the appropriate audience the ads will target. In the research phase we find the relevant high performing keywords and use those to create your campaign. In the development phase we write effective ad text, create your landing pages and add ad extensions to ensure a high click through rate or CTR. Optimization is an important phase because search engines consider the quality of your landing pages to be a high factor in determining your ad quality score, which is how they rank your ads. So we take extra time to optimize your pages with complete, informative and relevant information the user would want to see. And Finally we have tracking, which is how we asses the effectiveness of a campaign.

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How much does PPC Cost?

Unfortunately this question doesn't come with an an easy X = Y answer because there are so many variables that come into play when, let's say Google, is determining the cost of your ad. Google has something called an ad auction which starts when a user searches for something with a "search query". Google looks to see if that search query contains any keywords that advertisers are currently bidding on. If advertisers have bid on those keywords, the ad auction begins. The ads auction determines "Ad Rank" which is comprised of the cost per click bid or "CPC" x the ads Quality Score (how relevant and useful your ad is to the user). All that being said the average CPC is between $1 and $2 on the search network with small companies spending between $5000 and $10,000 per month. Some giant retailers spend up to $50 million per year on paid search for highly competitive campaigns.

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Find out what your competition is doing.... and do it better

Analyzing your competitors PPC campaigns is critical is developing your own. Competitive PPC research gives you insight into your competitors strengths and weaknesses, and reveals areas where you can take advantage of missed opportunities. By finding out what keywords and strategies are working great for them, you can either capitalize on those as well or go in a direction they haven't thought of yet. When done right and done with the right set of tools - your campaign will go from mediocre to high performing in no time.

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Why choose titan for your campaign

Choosing the right agency to manage your PPC campaign is important to its success. Choosing the wrong set of keywords, not doing comprehensive research and developing a subpar landing page can drain your ad budget in a few days when it should have lasted a month. At Titan we have the knowledge and tools to manage your campaign in a way that maximizes your budget and your goals.

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Titan PPC Campaigns

Account Setup and Goal Setting

Our experts will set up your account(s) and optimize them based on your individual business goals and competition in your niche.

Landing Page Creation

A well optimized, informative and keyword rich landing page designed by Titan will increase your quality score, conversions and click through rate.

Keyword & Competitor Research

Researching your competition and finding the right keywords to build your campaign around is what makes the difference in your PPC efforts.

All Major Networks

Titan has support and is experienced in all major networks including Google, Bing and Facebook.

Geo & Audience Optimization

Optimizing your campaign to target a specific location and/or audience will increase your CTR and maximize your budget.

Support & Reporting

With our customer focused support, monthly quality calls and reporting you can be sure that your PPC campaign is being managed to its potential.

Our Simple Pricing

PPC Pricing

One-Time Setup Fee Includes:

Cost $300

Monthly Management Fee

Monthly Ad Budget

  • 0 - $2,500
  • $2,500 - $5,000
  • 5,000 - 10,000
  • 10,000+


  • $300 per month
  • $500 per month
  • $1,000 per Month
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